My work shows the relationship between my extensive experience as a professional scenographer and independent visual artist. Theatrical techniques like light and combining sound with clay, I create multidimensional worlds.

In recent years, I developed a visual language that consists of various art disciplines:
video performances with visual arts. I let myself be inspired by the art movement: "Arte Povera" and "Dadaisme." All the material that I use has a specific function and a symbolic meaning. I go out of clay and on intuitive and searching way, I add materials and objects to which I find on the street and needed to shape my concept. My work gets a new expressiveness. I work freely and intuitively so that may come my unconscious feelings in clay reflected during the creative process. Clay I can discover new things in this way. At the same time time I use my experience with the material, dipped to deal with the concept.

Ceramic is a very versatile material that I can use in an unconventional way in relation, for example, with theater. My background as a scenographer and my experience with ceramics play a very important role.