Capsules of oblivion

Las capsulas de la amnesia” (The capsules of oblivion) How to contain sensations, how to contain Time, moments, realities?
These are the key questions I ask myself developping the idea of “Las capsulas de la Amnesia” (the capsules of oblivion), in which painful memories are kept, episodes that many people pretend to have forgotten. It is also about the time-space relationship. Time and space in itself are categories closely linked with culture. For example, the Andean culture perceives the space-time category as a whole, the one could not exist without the other. In the capsules I made, memories have found their place.

With the idea of “las capsulas de la amnesia”, I want to show different moments, which occur in our society, from a political, social or ethical point of view. The capsules are the holders for containing those moments, those realities that exist around us. Daily events that happen or have happened, and still persist in our individual or collective memory. Every person perceives reality from different angles, depending of his own origins.

There are political situations that keep repeating, they come back from the past like ghosts. The human barbary has deep roots which it is difficult to get rid of. These are the facts that I would like to show in my work.

For instance; ”Everything changes but nothing changes“, the death penalty for gay people in Iran and in the Muslim world is an example of that.

Archive of forgotten memory, where the memory is stored in illegal form, documents of missed people (“los desaparecidos”).

The loss of memory and the lack of surprise in modern society is something I do not understand. We have reached an extreme point of indifference.

About the used technique:
The basic material is clay, in combination with porcelain, woods & piece of metals like nails, etc. 
I made research of “sinter engobe”, that I use mostly in creating my object and sculptures. I collect old wooden boards & panels to make a structured archive to be used in creating the atmosphere that support of concept.