Fürsthof 11

This year I participated in the Artist & Residence Program of the Kunstlerhaus Stadttopferie in Neumunster, Germany.

The program gave me the opportunity to continue developing my concept “Las Capsulas de la Amnesia”. I made three new pieces. One of them wich name is: “Fürsthof 11”, I was inspired by the deposit of the textile factory in Neumunster, and create a new type of capsule.. The another one I was shown in a video from the inside of the capsule,. This was very important for me because I discovered another dimension: a new relation between time, space and movement from the inside as well in relation with the outside of the ceramic capsule.

About the technique I used: the basic material is clay, in combination with material that I found in the street. For me the material that I use in relation combination with my ceramic work, needs to have its own history. So I always I use discarded materials like wood, metal, etc. The most of the discarded materials that I used in my show exhibition in Kunstlerhaus Stadttopferie in found in side of one abandoned house on the same street of stadttopferie. That’s why I name it’s “Fürsthof 11”.

I find it fascinating to make short fiction videos in which moments and realities are captured and saved and to combine them with my ceramic work and develop one-piece installations in this way.