Checking Point

This new work is specially made for the Ceramics Triennial 2018 – NVK Coda Museum in Apeldoorn – Netherlands.

The work of this project is a continuation of a previous project called Post-colonialism, and it is part of the Artist’s Residence program in Israel that I participated in 2017. On my own initiation I travelled for two months throughout the Northeren parts of West Bank in Palestine and Israel.

This work is a reflection of the oppressed position in which the Palestinian people live under the occupation in the city of Hebron.
My interest is focused on how the established checkpoints there influence the daily lives of Palestinians. From a ‘normal’ life with some inconveniences, it became a very uncomfortable life that later changed into resignation.

This project is part of my universal vision. Similar situations used to be occurred in history, with massive outings and this is still happening!

The material that I use also plays an important role in shaping the works of this project; namely on a symbolic level. The clay that made the checkpoints comes from Israel and the human figure is completely covered with soap from Palestine;
In Palestine, soap is made according to an age-old tradition. Many soap factories had to close because of the occupation.
For me, the soap symbolises the vulnerability of the Palestinian people under the occupation!