Visual artist & Scenographer

I define myself as a Homo-universalis, such as the Renaissance artist, I work with different art disciplines to push the limits.

My work is the fusion between the world of theater and that of visual arts. I create installations of ceramic with video projections.

In the past six years my work was about socio-political issues and the relationship between time and space. It intrigues me that events or often religious conflicts between countries which are usually repetitive back in history. For example, I saw a similarity between the image in the painting “The third May 1808 ‘by the Spanish painter Francisco Goya and the current events in Syria.

My work shows the relationship between my extensive experience as a professional scenographer and independent visual artist. Theatrical techniques like light and combining sound with clay, I create multidimensional worlds.

In recent years, I developed a visual language that consists of various art disciplines:

video performances with visual arts. I let myself be inspired by the art movement: “Arte Povera” and “Dadaisme“.  All the material that I use has a specific function and a symbolic meaning. I go out of clay and on intuitive and searching way, I add materials and objects to which I find on the street and needed to shape my concept. My work gets a new expressiveness.

I work freely and intuitively so that my unconscious feelings may get reflected with clay during the creative process.
I that way I can discover new things with clay . At the same time I use my experience with the material, dipped to deal with the concept.

Name:  Pablo Ponce
Birth place:  La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality:  Argentinian & Dutch

Mobile:  +31 (0)6 36 04 65 86

Atellier: HW10 Hendrik van wijnstraat 10, Amsterdam

2009–2012 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Ceramics department, Amsterdam.
2001 The course of Costumes and Characterization. Theater Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2001 The course of Scenography “Greek Myths in the contemporary theater”.
1992–1998 Academy of Fine arts, Scenography, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1997 “Restoration of artworks”, The course was provided by the educational department of the Museum of the Cathedral of La Plata, Argentina.
1997 “Conservation and restoration of works of art”, The course was organized by the Museum of the Medical Faculty of Buenos Aires.

Private Collection:

Ceramics Museum Princessehof, Leeuwarden – the Netherlands. Series “Capsules of Oblivion“.
Kunstlenhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster – Germany.
Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center – Israel.


2018 Dutch Ceramics Triennale, Coda Museum.

 Artist and residence:

2016  Project Post-colonialisms? Benyamini Contemporary
Ceramics Center. Israel.
2014  Kunstlenhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster, Germany.
2010  China Jingdezhen.

Art education projects:

20182019  MK24, Amsterdam, ceramic lessons.

20182019  Vrolijkheid in AZC in Katwijk art projects for refugees.

20152017  “De Levende Kaart”. Visual arts project, writing and
ceramics for children in the HW10 workshops.


2019  Order and Chaos, Sint Jorist church and Galerie De Ploegh – Amersfoort.

2019  Work in progress: Group exhibition. BMB project space, and De Witte Voet gallery – Amsterdam.

2018 2019  Princessehof ceramics Museum together with Galerie De Wittegroup exhibition.

2018  Dutch Ceramics Triennale, Coda Museum.

2017  Biennale “El Vendrell”- Spain.

2017  Kunstlenhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster, Group exhibition – Germany.
2017  Collection exhibition AD HOC III. De Witte Voet gallery – Amsterdam.

2016  Post-colonilisms?  Collective international exhibition. Curator Wendy Gers. Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Centre, Tel Aviv – Israel.

2015  Solo exhibition “Wandering Walls”, video installation. De Witte Voet Gallery – Amsterdam. The project was possible made by AFK.

2015  Group exhibition Kunstlenhaus Stadttöpfere, Neumünster – Germany.

2015  Group exhibition 40 years of De Witte Voet Gallery – Amsterdam. Multimedia installation “Colosseum a world stunned”.   

2015  Project “DE VONK”. Construction of the first Wood ceramic oven for high temperature in Amsterdam. Atelier HW10. Made possible by the foundation AFK and VOORDEKUNST.2014 “Van Toen & Van Nu”, Zeven oud-studenten from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Galerie De Witte Voet – Amsterdam. 

2014  “Ceramic Artist and Residence” Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei Neumünster – Germany.

2014  “Borderless”, etching, drawing & maps, OT 301 – Amsterdam.

2013 “Borderless”, etching, drawing & maps, Wies Willemsen Gallery – Amsterdam. 

2013  Sculptor ABK Collective Exhibition: “Shaping Senses”, Kruithuis – Den Bosch, The Netherlands. 

2013 “Salah-ad-Din” Exhibition in the Princessehof Ceramics Museum – Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. 

2013  “Syncretism”, The Mantels’ installations, The Exhibition space of “Firma van Drie” – Gouda, The Netherlands. 

2012  The Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academy – Amsterdam.

2012  Scenography design for the theater project : “Het einde der tijden”, Maastricht, Zeewolde, Wegea, Radio Kootwijk, Middelburg, Zwolle, Vries, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Groningen, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Tropen Theater in Amsterdam. 

2012 “Inspired by China”, StadOpera, Amsterdam, Artwork realized in Jingdezhen – China, in 2010.

2012 “Kunst kent geen grenzen / Art knows no boundaries”, Gallery ’S’ – Amsterdam.

2012 “O MY GOD..” De Oudekerk / The Old Church” – Amsterdam.

2012 The ceramics department Exhibition of the Rietveld Academy, “MADE IN CHINA” Ministery of Finance – The Hague.

2011 “Ongekend-Unknown” Art Fair Amsterdam Exhibition, Trow – Amsterdam.

2009 “Innerlijke Landschappen / Interior Landscapes”: oil painting and ceramics sculptures. Wim Zwijsen Gallery – Hoorn, The Netherlands.

2008 “Building Images”, Villa Nova, Art Salon The Alley.

2008 “Oddities”, Wies William Gallery – Amsterdam.

2008 Open ART FAIR Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Wies Willemsen Gallery, Utrecht.

2008 World of Silk Gallery, Meliskerke – Zeeland , The Netherlands.
2007 “Fantasy and Stillness”, S’ Gallery – Amsterdam.
2006 Biennal Sur 06 1ste Biennale of Latin American Art in Amsterdam, exhibition of paintings at Gallery Linka and ABC Treehouse Gallery.
2006 “Open Atelliers Schinkelbuurt” in Retort, The exhibition of sculptures and paintings.

2005 “Red ceramics” sculptures exhibition, ’S’ Gallery – Amsterdam.
2004 Participation at “Open Studio Schinkelbuurt” in Retort, Exhibition of sculptures and paintings – Amsterdam.

2004 Scenography & Costumes for the theater play “Boundless Mother” of Avanti Theatre, Amsterdam & Almere, The Netherlands.

2004 Scenography & Costumes for contemporary dance “Tierra Roja”, a choreography by Ana Ladas, The Project of “Smart Space” Amsterdam.

2001 Designing the Scenography & costumes for the theater play of “CREMONA” by Armando Discepollo, performed at the Theatre of Comedy, La Plata, Argentina. The same work was done for the play of “BABILONIA”, by the same author, La Plata – Argentina. visit gallery

1999-2001 Set designer and builder in the Mexican Riu theater, Playa del Carmen – Mexico.

1997 Scenography and Costumes desing for the opera ”THE MEDIUM”, music of Gian Carlo Menotti, Theatre Coliseo Podesta, La Plata – Argentina.

2009 “Innerlijke Landschappen / Interior Landscapes”: oil painting and ceramics sculptures. Wim Zwijsen Gallery – Hoorn, The Netherlands.
2003 Exhibition “ARBOREA”: paintings, drawings & paper-sculptures, the “Orangerie” Gallery, Amstelpark – Amsterdam.
2002 Exhibition “ARBOREA”: paintings, drawings & paper-sculptures in the Natural Museum of La Plata. Sponsored by The Association of Visual Artists in La Plata – Argentina.
1998 Exhibition : paintings & drawings in the Medical Center, La Plata, Buenos Aires – Argentina.