“The Red Line”

Order and chaos“, Ploegh Gallery and St Joriskerk, Amersfoort 2019.

In this exhibition my work is called The Red Line, in the gallery I show a series of oil paintings that connect with the sculpture and interactive installation that I exhibit simultaneously in the St Joriskerk church in Amersfoort.
In this new work I use the metaphor and symbolic element like matches. People are represented as silver matches and burned matches. It is about the different social layers of our society. Burned matches are the chaos that represents the place of people within the heavily divided social classes. Red line represent boundaries, physical boundaries and metals.

They are not only geographical or social limits, but also the limits that exist and each person.
Both in the series of paintings and in the installation the space is organized with geometric shapes, they are blocks of different heights, crossed by red lines that articulate the space.
The installation of the sculpture is a Red Capsule this sculpture shows inside the performance through an open space. Several videos are reproduced inside. It’s about people who
Search for freedom. I’m showing the chaos, the anarchie, people who dosen’t have hope. The silver matches represent the frivolous society.
A consumerist society that seeks happiness in the accumulation of materials things.
“If I have the portray the consequences of chaos, I can point out that if there are orders and the inner being of man, this request can also be achieved in society.”