"" Het einde der tijden (The end of time). This interdisciplinary theater work is not an Opera, not a musical, but a production with a new style. The concept of the performance is closer to a “Gesamtkunstwerk” than a traditional theater play. Contrary to common practice, a different approach has been chosen, by reversing the creative process in which this production has been created. With his work, Pablo developed the initial concept and the scenography is made with The Capsules of Oblivion”.

These capsules are containers of moments that occur in our society in different time, places and cultures. Pablo worked together with the four composers Kate Moore, Ana Mihajlovic, Florian Maier and Reza Namavar, the poet Rene Puthaar, the photographer Anton Houtappels, the producer Casper Burkhardt and the regisseur Floris Visser. The play was performed by the actor Jeroen Gunning and directed by Tim Fletcher.