Sweet Potato

In the divinity of Nature

With this new work I am looking for the answers there are within myself. Themes such as nature, cosmos, freedom, identity light and dark are part of this new work that I am developing.
With this new series of paintings I explore the divinity of nature and how that resonates with my inside. “Nature is therefore the most direct source of knowledge, says Jacob Bohme”.

I know nature is also within myself. In Latin America’s pre-Hispanic cultures they believe we are a part of nature, of the cosmos and not the center as we start conceiving during and after the renascence.

The cosmos is nature and the micro cosmos is within us. My life is always and a process of change and movement as in nature, everything be transmute, it is the alchemy of transformation. My identity is the result of a cultural syncretism, the fusion of Europe and Latin America. I work with metaphors that I have created and elements of a cultural nature. That they are recognizable in both cultures that i mentioned above.

Sweet potato with an open heart”, it is the new series of paintings and etchings. The sweet potato with open heart is a metaphor of the middle-aged byzantine Maria and also a metaphor of the Pacha Mama from Latin America. It is a syncretic al-chemical creation. The potato represents divinity of nature.

The potato and sweet potato are everyday elements, part of our culture, but I want to use the potato in an allegorical way to create a mystical connection in my paintings.

With my new work i question what nature is or can be, and whether or not nature is present inside of us. For this project i have read the book “Light in Darkness”, The Mystical philosophy of Jacob Böhme. “Theology and astronomy intertwine in Böhme’s understading of God’s presence in the Cosmos: exploring the structure and limits of the universe brings the human tremor closer to grasping the essence of God.” (Cecilia Muratori).